Monday, May 09, 2005

Steep Learning Curve

I've managed to post pictures. Correction: A picture. I've managed to post a link to the Buttonhole Bag pattern and I've managed to put a link to Knitty in the sidebar.

You aren't interested in my managing? I thought as much - where's the knitting?

Flushed with the success of the first Buttonhole Bag and spurred on by Caroline's birthday speeding towards me, I went rooting through the stash and found this:

Some ancient 100% wool I bought in the charity shop. It's obviously ancient - do Emu still make wool?

and turned it into this

The finished product

It will be handed over this evening, when the girls go out for dinner. Hope Caroline isn't taking a sneek peek (hardly likely - I haven't told anyone about this blog yet.)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise to see Caroline looking at me.
Well done - will I get on your site with my shawl?

Jenny Walton said...


Love the bag just the kkind of project I Need - do you mind me asking where the pattern came from please?