Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I'm still worried about the knitting police. I'm worried that they will look at the selvedge of the Heirloom Shawl:

and have a fit.

Now, this selvedge is a twisted knit stitch on the "public" side (that's what others might call the "right" side) and a purl on the "private" side (you guessed, that's what most people call the "wrong" side.)

I don't like it. I don't know if it's my lack of skill in getting the tension right; I don't know if it's the skinny needles; I don't know if it will all come good in the blocking. I certainly hope so.

In the spirit of learning what we can from our mistakes, I investigated other possible selvedges. I did this far too late. I can't do anything about it now, but maybe next time.

I looked in Montse Stanley's "The Handknitter's Handbook", which is my techniques resource of choice. She details about thirteen or fourteen different selvedge treatments, but nothing seemed quite right.

I then turned my attention to Myrna Stahman's "Stahman's Shawls & Scarves" and there I found the "Chain Selvedge", as she calls it. I had a little practise with some nice thick wool and needles that weren't skinny, and this is what I got:

slip 1 purlwise wyif

Now that looks a whole lot better, don't you think? So, lesson learned, I think.

Despite the less than satisfactory edge, the shawl is coming along well. Here's picture of the snowdrop that appeared in the border:

Here you can clearly see the red crochet cotton I've been using as a running yarn marker. You can see how the beginning of the repeat changes sometimes, which almost threw me into a panic, but I resisted and I got over it.

Little progress today - knitting madly on the birthday present for Clare - but only the garter stitch border to go.

Watch this space.


btchwstix said...

Kate, your shawl is stunning and I'm with you on the selvedge. Do I detect a slight "shawl" obsession? :) said...

Love your shawl...did you say you found the pattern at Canadian Living? I am in Canada and subscribe to that mag and can't find it...can you enlighten me? Susanne..

Rosemarie Buchanan said...

Beautiful work! I've copied and pasted the pattern from the Canadian Living website, the corrections and pics ... I have a great stash and MUST dedicate some of it to this shawl! And your commentaries are creative and a delight to read.
Rosemarie Buchanan