Thursday, May 12, 2005

I've put the mouth on it

What were the very last words I wrote? Something like "It seems to be going along quite well at the moment."

This in reference to the "Heirloom Shawl" from Canadian Living Magazine. Well, wash my mouth out with soap! I've finished Panel VII, the stitch count is spot on. I've got the border stitches, I've got the 8 29stitch pattern repeats and I've got the few centre stitches, then I've got the whole lot again for the other half of the shawl. I've got quite a few stitches. I don't know exactly how many and I don't think I want to know, lest heart failure strike.

So now we move smoothly on to Panel VIII and it doesn't fit! The borders and pattern repeats are fine but I find I have too many stiches in the centre section. The corrections are little help. So, do I just wing it and add in extra yos and K1Bs or what? Or do I just knit the "extra" stitches and hope it all works out on the next row? I suppose I can always put in another yo on the next row by lifting the strand between the two offending stitches and knitting it then. I've been thinking about this all the time and it's driving me bonkers. I may have to resort to a lifeline but I always think that's a bit like working on the high wire with a safety net. I mean, who wants to see that? No, we want to see acts of daring.

Last night, a small voice came out of the kitchen. "Mummy, why have you got wool in the freezer?"

There's no answer to that.


Heather said...

The heirloom shawl sounds very frustrating. I hope you solve it soon. I just did a quick google, but only came up with the corrections page you had already found. Is it worth emailing Paton's themselves? I haven't seen any big enough pictures of the shawl on the web for you to be able to enlarge it and work out the pattern from the knitting.

Good luck with it!

Rachel Fruen said...

I got more of a laugh from your freezer than I've had all week! Thankyou! Love your blog. The shawl is just beautiful and I look forward to seeing more wonderful stuff on your site

Rachel UK

Nancie said...

Actually there is a very good reason for wool in the freezer~~~it will kill all eggs or larvae of moths and silver fish so it is protecting your good wool. Also someone said it helped keep the 'fuz' donw on angora and mohair.

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